About us

About Us

I-Green, The Lifestyle is here to ensure that we live in a sustainable way and minimize our carbon footprints.

Individual actions are the most powerful force to bring positive environmental changes. Our individual sustainable choices could be a drop in the ocean, but combined efforts have the power of enormous waves that can bring positive change.

I-Green, The Lifestyle is the exact solution for individual actions to bring positive environmental changes.

Mission: To captivate the minds and hearts of people to take action and adapt more sustainable choices. To actively help the environment and to become an inspiration to the people around.  To have the power to make our planet a greener and better place to live in.

Motto or tagline : Our greener future is in our hands. /  Lets make our planet green to make our future green.

Vision:  Our Vision at I-Green, The Lifestyle is to be the provider of trusted and genuine sustainable lifestyle solutions for your everyday needs.

We are committed to making available the best of natural products that are best for you, your families and Mother Earth. We carefully choose every product to make sure that only the best reaches you. And that Nature finds reason to smile again…

Eco Friendly

Why would you use eco-friendly products? ……..

If you care about the environment and the ecology, you should start using eco-friendly products as much as you can.

By eco-friendly products, we mean the products and services that do not have any negative environmental effects, be in their production, use or disposal stages. By using more eco friendly products and making minor changes in our lifestyle, we can reduce our carbon foot prints and make this world a more ecologically safer place. The future of our sustainability and well-being of future generations depends upon on how we take actions today.