What is I Green?

I-Green is a innovative concept we have launched to promote eco-friendly lifestyle. We would not only do our bit to save the environment but to help the people and inspire them to use the eco-friendly ways of living.

What is the product speciality?

We sell eco-friendly products. They are either made from natural products or are recycled or up-cycled.

What do you mean by eco-friendly products?

Meaning the products that are made from natural raw material such as jute or cotton, which have longer life and are strong and sustainable. They also decompose very easily or may be recycled. So what comes from nature goes back to natural without any use of hazardous chemicals. Leather items are made from already dead animals or are made from the left over pieces of leather instead of throwing them away after making brand products. Some of the products are recycled such as the glassware or clocks carved in old vinyl records. Some of the leather and cloth items are even up-cycled meaning reused to give it a different form.

Are these products ethically made?

All the products are ethically made and manufactured. No child labour is involved and all the artisans are given their proper wages. All the products are manufactured in clean and hygienic environment.

Are the products costly because of Green Concept?

Some of the products are ought to be costly because the handwork and expertise of artisans is involved in it. But costs are much less than the competitive brands

What is the Life of the product (Durability)?

Life of the product depends upon the use of the product. But since they are made from natural raw material they naturally are strong and sustainable than their other competitive artificial material products.

Are the bags water proof?

I-Green, The Lifestyle is here to ensure that we live in a sustainable way and minimize our carbon footprints.

How and where can i get the product?

You can buy the products online through our website or may walk in our stores “I Green” at 16 Guildbourne Centre, Worthing BN11 1LZ, West Sussex. Our presence is on eBay, facebook,Twitter and Google plus as well. Put the add….

Do you manufacture the product?

No we do not manufacture the products. But we get them directly from the manuufaturers.

Where are the products manufactured?

Most of the products are manufactured in India. Some of the products are from UK as well.

Who all are involved in manufacturing?

The poor artisans and the ladies of the small business or house circles are involved in the manufacturing of the products.

Is any community get benefited because of this?

Surely the artisans are benefitted as we are promoting their art in the market, which is dying out because of the extensive use of machine made products. We are trying to give them business and they appreciate that more than accepting just some financial help, as it gives them satisfaction of work and earns them their living. We are also generating business for the household and street ladies so they can take care of their children and their education.

Why it is necessary to use Eco-friendly products?

With the increasing global warming conditions it is a great necessity to protect the environment for our future generations. We should take efforts to nurture nature for the future. Hence eco-friendly lifestyles will surely help to do our bit to protect or environment.

Where can I see full range of the Eco- friendly products?

Visit www.glifestylestore.co.uk for full range of products

What are the areas where I can use these maximum?

You can use this product on daily basics. As well functional basics as per the product. In all area’s.

How can I be Green?

You can be Green by adopting eco-friendly means of living. By avoiding the products which are not biodegradable and which are hazardous to nature, especially the plastic and thermacol products.

What is the next range of the products?

Presently we have launched new range of designer organic candles, which not only have good looks and natural scent but also it can be further used as the collection of glassware after the candles burn out.

Does Government promote the same and give any benefit?

Government has now become very cautious about importing artificial products. They have started imposing heavy duties on importing non-environment friendly products to restrict the entry and use of these products. These products have not only become a great problem for disposal but also has become the health and safety issue for all. Hence the government is now inclined to promote eco-friendly products.

Do accept card payments?

We accept payments through paypal for small orders and bank transfers for bulk order.

What if the product is damaged?

If the product has damaged when it reaches you please take the picture of the damage product clearly showing the damage and send it to us through email. You we return the product cost in full excluding the postage. The postage of the return of the product shall be buyers responsibility.

What if I have to return the product? Who pays the postage for returning the product?

You can return the product within 15 days of the purchase and for manufacturing defects only. The postage of the return of the product shall be buyers responsibility.

How do you send the product?

We normally send the product by Royal Mail. But in some adverse circumstances may send it by private couriers company. The delivery of the product is entirely sellers discretion.