Whilst so many materials are going to waste and global warming is getting worse, it’s a great time to really start making a difference to our planet. I Green in Worthing, UK is doing just that.

I Green is a Gift and Stationery shop that sells eco-friendly products, meaning items have either been made from recycled materials or natural and biodegradable materials (meaning it can eventually return to it’s natural form). Nothing in the store will harm the environment so you can buy and feel satisfied for doing your bit for the environment and guilt-free whilst doing so.

Recycled items: We sell beautiful glassware like vases, bottles, wine glass, etc. made from recycled glass, they have a unique yet simple, modern design and make a great stylish gift. Our Greeting cards are also made from recycled paper and paper approved by Forest Stewardship Council.

Another of our favorite recycled items are our fantastic themed clocks carved in old records. To add to the list, the stationery that we sell also has recycled paper. We also sell beautiful gift boxes and photo frames made from the recycled paper and dried flowers and leaves.

Items made from Natural products: Our bags are made by using natural materials such as Jute and Cotton and hence that are capable of being broken down (decomposed) rapidly or can be recylced. Being made from natural products the bags are strong, sustainable and absolutely bio-degradable.

Leather Bags, Purses, Bracelets and Leather Rugs: We sell a stunning collection of stylish leather bags, purses  and bracelets for men and woman, these are made from original up-cycled leather materials, this means that the materials used were going to be thrown away as they no longer had a use to the original owner, instead the materials have been used to make something beautiful. Not only do they look great but they were also hand crafted so everyone involved gets paid fairly.

Necklaces and Bracelets: Our bold, unique necklaces and bracelets really stand out against the crowd with their detailed patterns and vibrant mix of colours. They’re made from clay (soil) and jute which are also eco-friendly and toxin free. Again, these artistic pieces were handcrafted  meaning a fair wage has been paid to those who used their special skills to make them.

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