In the UK and many other places it is common to give wine as a gift if you are invited to a celebration such as wedding, birthday or a dinner party.

The first thing that comes to our mind when doing this is the bag you’ve to put your wine in. As a popular gesture people use so many wooden or cardboard/paper gift bags (unfortunately made by cutting down trees)  but they never think what happens to the bag after, which most likely they will be thrown away.

In I Green we sell a fantastic range of bags to put your wine in, which you or the receiver of the wine would never dream of throwing away. This is great for the economy as it is reducing waste and making your gift look much more unique and presentable. Half of our bags are made from jute which is a strong, sustainablebio-degradable material which may also in the future be re-used as everyday bottle carriers or in far future be broken down rapidly and decomposed. We also have our beautifully designed paper wine bags which are in variety of patterns and colours to choose from. These are all made from recycled paper and have unique design of pressed dried flowers and leaves. The bags are also further re-used as picture frames by some of our customers due to unique designs.

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