Perfume Danglers ( Lavender)

Perfume Danglers (Lavender)

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Perfume Danglers (Lavender) / Car fresheners have fragrance from natural extracts.
Available in Sandal-Wood, Fresh, Lavender flavors.
Please see other listing for the fragrance which you wish to have.
They are completely Eco-friendly perfume danglers.

This Perfume Danglers (Lavender) is made from cardboard.

The fragrance are from natural extracts such as Sandalwood, Fresh flowers, and lavender.

The fragrances in these Perfume Danglers (Lavender) are injected in the cardboard. The cardboard absorbs the fragrances and retain it for longer time.

These perfume danglers have long lasting fragrances to give a fresh feeling. Refreshing air with these natural fragrances in car. They can also be hanged in cupboard. or in the room to have nice fragrance around you all the while. They can also be hanged in kitchen to kill the fumy and foul smells of the kitchen or they also can be used in toilets air freshers.

Use for : Car Fresheners, Cub-board, Room & Air Freshener

Package : 1 Car freshener dangler.


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