toss glasses black white

Toss Glasses Black and White


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Toss Glasses Black White

These toss glasses black white are uniquely handcrafted toss glasses to resemble a couple in celebration mood. These are beautifully handmade and give classy edge to your special days. Make your celebrations stand out by giving a toss with these beautiful champagne flutes. These are eco-friendly products glasses as they are made from recycled glass. So you are also doing your bit for environment.

These glasses also later can be used as decorative artifacts in your showcase remembering your the day. They can also be used as tea light holders for your candle sticks or as fragrance stands for your fragrance sticks.

It is unique way of expressing love for each other. These glasses as also a unique and beautiful gift to give to your children or friends on their wedding or engagement celebrations. A beautiful gesture of love and affection for the couple who are getting engaged.

Package: A pair of toss glasses.

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Usage: Toss Glasses, Wedding Glasses, Home decor & Gifting etc.

Brand: I Green

Packaging: A pair of toss glasses


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